Tango App Features

Tango App Features

The best thing in life is to communicate with your friends and your loved ones no matter how far you are from them. To express yourself to share your happy and sad moments with people who care for you is the most amazing feeling that you can ever have. Tango is one of the best social app that is being installed at a great rate all around the world.

This application is quite easy to use and you can send your pictures to your loved ones or communicate with them either by video or audio call as tango provides both the features of audio and video calls and both are free.

This app has many ravishing features through which you can stay connected with the rest of the world. Tango is just like a small box with all the benefits. It is available in 14 languages across 242 countries of the world.

The feature of “news feed” in tango is developed so that you don’t miss any hot and breaking news of the day from your friends. Through tango you can see also see people near you who have this app and make new friends. The most desirable feature of this app is music pix which allow you to create a 30 second video of your memories through pictures and share them with your friends.

Tango has also given platform to game developers as this app has its own set of games including different puzzles and other exciting games. Tango has also provided its users with a set of different channels including both entertainment and news channels so that now you don’t get bored at all.

Tango App has also the feature of “music” which provides you different play lists. You can also search and listen to your favorite songs on it and have fun all the time. You can send and receive text messages and add cute little emoticons in them. With tango you don’t need to miss your loved ones who are far away from you as you can do a very clear video call at any time you miss them. Tango can also import your friends from Facebook to make it easier for you to communicate.

So now from this wonderful app you can send and receive free messages, you can have free audio and video calls, can have entertainment from the list of channels and search your favorite music. You can see different people around you and can increase your social circle. You can share pictures, play different games and can have all the fun of the world just by having tango with you.

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