Tango App Fast Gaining Popularity

Tango App Fast Gaining Popularity

One of the newer applications in the chat and call genre is Tango which has become popular as it allows users to make video calls in a similar manner to Facetime on the Apple products. These videocalls are free of cost and one only requires internet connectivity via 3G or WiFi for making calls through this application. Even though the video quality might not be as good as what is offered by Apple it’s still manageable and it is anytime better than buying credits to make such calls through other applications. This is what has made Tango as popular with many android users as they can easily make video calls without any hassles.

Videocalls are free of cost

To being using Tango one needs to download the application and make an account on their website. Once the profile has been created you can begin making calls instantly without any need to wait. The latest updates on this application even allow iPhone users to make calls to smartphones that are something other applications do not offer.

Another good feature of this application is that one can turn off their video during the call and carry on using the audio. Another prominent feature of this application is that it works on phones that have a single back camera as well that is a rarity as most applications require a front camera for this purpose. Tango allows users to make calls between various brands of phones and even phones running different versions of operating systems such as android and iOS.

Even though the video quality may need some improvements the audio quality is simple superb, and one can easily download the application from the android store on their phones to start using it. Even if you have an iPhone, you can still use this wonderful application by installing it to make calls to your friends.

Even though the android market is full of applications that allow users to chat and make calls what sets apart Tango is it’s easy to use interface as well as quality of calls. The voice quality is crisp and clear, and the video after a few updates should surpass expectations. The best thing about this software is that it is available for free and even allows users to make calls for free unlike applications where one has to pay for everything. So all in all Tango offers users a great experience over the other calling applications and it is sure to become more popular in the coming months.

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