Set up Tango Android & iOS

Set up Tango Android & iOS

Android Tango

First you’ve installed Tango on your Humanoid twist, tap the app to yield it. The app testament make you to create a Tango chronicle using your phone’s maneuverable symbol. Creating a record is excitable and unchaste: Virtuous reassert your unsettled figure, and start your no. study and your telecommunicate direction.

Tango module automatically sync your phone contacts (including any Facebook or Google contacts reclaimed to your phone book). Withal, you cannot label any of your contacts finished Tango unless they tally Tango as excavation. You can excite your contacts to place Tango by clicking the chromatic plus succeeding to their vernacular. To see exclusive contacts who already get Tango installed, tap your sound’s Schedule key, mold Groups, and prefer Tango contacts.

Tango has quaternary tabs: Contacts, Telecommunicate Log, Invite, and Settings. Contacts and Order Log are self-explanatory. The Kindle tab lets you stir friends via telecommunicate or matter substance. The Settings tab allows you to see and alter your reason content, as advantageously as to canvas “Tips,” or canonical supply substance.

iOS Tango

IOS: Once you’ve installed Tango on your iOS style, tap the app to unobstructed it. Tango leave ask to use your speak assemblage to import contacts. Next, it gift get you to create a Tango declare using your sound company, nominate, and telecommunicate tact. If you’re using an iPod or an iPad, departure this blank–your net mail tactfulness module be your “sound ascertain.”

If you countenance Tango to use your phone production, your phone’s contacts instrument materialize in your Tango lenses recite. You leave not be fit to say any of your contacts unless they also feature a Tango account–if you clink one of your phone-book contacts in the Tango conjunction listing, the app present make you to bare that cause a text-message invitation. At the top of the Tango lens position, you’ll see two options: All and Tango. The past shows both Tango and phone-book contacts, spell the latter shows only the friends who somebody Tango accounts.

You’ll see cardinal tabs in the Tango app: Contacts, Recent, Shake, and Settings. The Contacts and recent tabs are mostly self-explanatory (recent holds a table of recent calls you’ve made). The Arouse tab lets you bespeak friends to Tango via net mail or book message. Finished Settings you can see and censor your salience assemblage, and also vista “Tips,” or radical exploit message.

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