Tango helps you to Connect to your friends and family


Tango helps you to Connect to your friends and family


So what’s really with Tango that a lot of people are drawn to it and a lot of people continue to use it? Let me share to you the features that Tango APP has. Tango guarantees to help you connect,

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What makes TANGO App Unique Revealed!


TANGO App provides high-quality video calling for Android, iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS devices such as Google Nexus One, HTC Incredible, HTC EVO and Motorola Droid X, and works with data plans, carrier phone and on WiFi networks. With TANGO

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Tango App Features


The best thing in life is to communicate with your friends and your loved ones no matter how far you are from them. To express yourself to share your happy and sad moments with people who care for you is

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Tango App Fast Gaining Popularity


One of the newer applications in the chat and call genre is Tango which has become popular as it allows users to make video calls in a similar manner to Facetime on the Apple products. These videocalls are free of

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Set up Tango Android & iOS

Android Tango First you’ve installed Tango on your Humanoid twist, tap the app to yield it. The app testament make you to create a Tango chronicle using your phone’s maneuverable symbol. Creating a record is excitable and unchaste: Virtuous reassert your

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Place Tango Messenger App

The Tango Articulate & Recording Calls app lets you modify issue enounce and video calls, over your sound’s information instrumentality or over Wi-Fi, to remaining users of the app. It isn’t a phone-calling app like Skype–you can telephony exclusive people

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Download Tango for free here. Tango gives you a very rich quality video calls, group chat up to 300 friends. Works great in smartphones, tablets and Desktops PC. Works great on 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi. Download this Messaging App and Enjoy Free calls and free messages. Tango is your free messaging service that allows you to connect, get social, and have fun with those who matter most to you.