Tango Messaging App Tips and Tricks

Tango Messaging App Tips and Tricks

Tango messaging app has actually come up to be one of the top video calling and instant messaging apps. The fact that the users does not need to register with their email IDs is the biggest advantage offered by Tango. Just a phone number will be enough to make free video calls across the world. Plus the messenger is very fast and comes with a number of features that many users are not aware of.

Discussed below are some Tango messaging app tips and tricks that will improve your experience of this great app.

Apply Filters on Video Calls

When you apply filters on your video calls while talking, it will spice up your video calls. Filter is a fun feature that is frequently used to lighten up discussions. On the other hand, this feature type is enjoyed by both young and adults alike.

Make Your Profile a Timeline

The timeline feature of Tango messaging app is a pleasant feature for the social networking knowledgeable people who are fond of updating their status all the time. It is similar to the mini social media and is just a lot of fun.

The Group-Chat Feature

The group-chat feature of the app is great for close-knit friend groups who are constantly up for some virtual jousting and chitchat. To spice up the group discussions, you can use stickers and emoticons, and laugh all along with your friends.

Reposting Favorite Posts

Reposting favorite posts is a fastidious way of sharing interesting posts. This particular feature is like Facebook that lets its users share whatever they like. Therefore, all you need to do is to go for the post, click on the SHARE option and begin to share right away, if you happen to come across a nice movie dialogue or quote, which you want to share with your friends.

Tango Messaging App can be Customized by Android Users

All those who are using Android can customize their Tango messaging app and change its look to break the monotony. The app will appear to be as good as new by clicking the MENU option on the top left to set new layouts.

To Share or Not to Share

You can go to the SETTING and uncheck the LOCATION BOX, if you are the type that is not too keen on haring your location. A lot of people will not be able to check where you are operating from, when you do this. Nonetheless, sharing your location is a good thing because it can also be used as a safety tool.

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